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Aluminium Doors and Sliders, Southern Highlands, NSW

Aluminium is a popular metal for creating things, it can be manufactured into many shapes and suit different uses. It is lightweight and strong, as well as versatile. For aluminium to become that long-lasting material we know it has to go through a process known as aluminum work in order to create things like aluminium doors and aluminium sliding doors in Sydney and the Southern Highlands.

Aluminium Work

The process of creating brilliant aluminium usually consists of two techniques: the refining process and the smelting process. The refining method consists of mixing bauxite (a sedimentary rock with a high aluminum content) with caustic soda, then crushing them into small particles and process them to create a slurry. The slurry will go through extreme pressure and heat to create a liquid that will be filtered through a tank to remove the impurities.

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A whole different process is smelting which involves exposing an aluminum solution to electric compounds that will allow the oxygen and aluminum particles to separate and the aluminum particles will settle at the bottom of the container. Both methods are equally capable of providing high-quality aluminium.

Aluminum fabricators will use different techniques to mold and bend aluminium to the shape you require.

Aluminium Doors

Many people are considering aluminium as the main material for their doors because it is resistant and new techniques have allowed it to have different shapes and styles to become a beautiful addition to your house or business. Here are the main options of aluminium doors we offer:

Slide and Fold

The Slide-fold door is a system that joins many door panels and you can open the doors and folding them back by their panels. They use an overhead sliding track that will allow the partial opening or closing of the doors. These doors work great to allow sunlight in, maximize your space, and help to insulate your place.

Sliding Doors

This type of door consists of a fixed panel and a sliding panel which can be opened or closed when you move back and forth the rollers on the track. They are modern and you can easily open the door to the desired side to get a beautiful view of the outside and save space.

Casement Doors

These doors usually come with large glass panels that are connected to the mainframe. They are versatile and can be used for the patio and balcony, they offer a great view of the outside and are the perfect combination between classic and modern.

Close up of an aluminium door hinge that is open to reveal the screws
Southern Highlands aluminium worker screwing an aluminium frame to a window
Aluminium worker cutting pipes

Benefits of Aluminium Doors


Aluminum is a strong material and it is resistant to corrosion, it easily retains its properties and aesthetics throughout the time and it is weather-resistant against several harsh environmental. It doesn't matter which part of Australia you live in, the weather-proof nature of the material will protect your investment. Unlike other door materials, it won't split, crack, or warp over the time you will be sure it has an extended life span.


The aluminum doors won't discolor or rust and the maintenance is quick and easy. You just have to clean them twice a year with soapy water and a soft cloth to keep them operating smoothly for a long time.

Excellent Thermal Performance

A high-quality aluminum door can gain improvements in heat loss and entry of cold, especially when it is combined with the right glass options.


Aluminum is cheaper than timber and due to its strength and low-maintenance, it also saves you money. It is cheaper to customize your doors in aluminum in comparison to other materials. It is a cost-effective option.

It Looks Great

It doesn't matter which type of door shape you want or how you want to customize it, there are endless options when it comes to aluminium. They are available in a wide range of finishing that will match any style and any colour. Your house will look great.

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If you are considering getting aluminium doors to improve the appearance of your home, then you should contact us. We specialize in aluminium work and carpentry. Whatever you are dreaming of for your doors, we can achieve it. Our team has experience working with all types and shapes of aluminium doors.

Our goal is your satisfaction and that is why we provide high-quality service.