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Southern Highlands Carpentry are your go-to windows and doors carpentry experts. All you need are our licensed, insured and well trained crew of window builders and door artisans, who day in and day out, practice their well honed craft. They then depart from the project sites with our clients grinning from ear to ear. This is the result of sheer satisfaction from our workmanship and also because of our dedication to the creation of energy saving windows and doors for you.

Experience, Craftsmanship and Focus on Energy Savings

Southern Highlands Carpentry have a decade of well polished experience in the windows and doors carpentry industry. This means that whatever project you have for us - window and door replacement, insulation, glass glazing, interior and exterior trim installation, window and door painting and caulking - we do them all with the professionalism and quality service that is expected from us.

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Windows and Doors Replacement

Do you know that some of the most cost effective home improvement projects you can indulge in are window and door replacements?

If you replace your tired looking front door for a more updated and stylish entry door, or if you have us pull out your old style inefficient windows and have them infused with modern energy saving windows, you are less likely to let air leak through. Or if you have us replace obsolete glass sliding doors with French doors, it will have a splendid impact on the overall look of your home. All these window and door replacement projects all add value to your home in the real estate market and at the same, offer excellent returns on your investment in the long run.

Do you have some inquiries for our window builder and door artisan? Call us now on 0290538717.

Southern Highlands Carpentry installs today's windows for homes with energy efficiency in mind. Then, we also keep in mind improved built and attractive interior and outdoor appearance. Now, that's value for your investment!

Window Frames and Glazing

A window's energy efficiency is improved through the thermal resistance of its frame. We recommend composite, fiberglass, vinyl, and wood frames over metal and aluminum frames because of their greater thermal resistance:

  • Composite Frames. Composite wood products, such as particleboard and mixtures of polymer plastics. are in its components. They have approximately the same or have better thermal and structural properties as pure wood, and have improved decay and moisture resistance.
  • Fiberglass Frames. Our window builder can install these dimensional stable frames. Their air cavities can be filled up with insulation, resulting in better thermal efficiency compared to uninsulated vinyl.
  • Vinyl Frames. Made of PVC with UV stabilizers to keep out the sun which can break down the frame. They don't require paint and possess excellent moisture resistance. Their hollow cavities can be insulated, resulting in thermal superiority.
  • Wood Frames. They look elegant and they insulate relatively well. But regular maintenance is needed although this can be reduced through the vinyl cladding.

You can also help improve your home efficiency through glazing. Choose among many types of glass glazing according to climate, building design, and window orientation. If you need window frames or glass glazing, contact us today.

Southern Highlands team assembling window frames for a new build
Carpenter in the Southern Highlands, wearing a checkered shirt and apron installing window frames
close up of hands putting together the frame of a window

Operating Types of Windows

Lower air leakage rates can be achieved through some types of operating windows. Consider these types:

  • They have hinges at the top and they open outward. They are better than sliding windows when it boils down to lower leakage rates.
  • They have hinges at the bottom and they open inward. They are as efficient in terms of lower leakage rates compared to the awning and the casement.
  • They have hinges at the sides. They are like awning windows because they have good efficiency when it comes to air leakage.
  • They are windows that don't open. The expected proper installation by our window builder makes them airtight. But they are not advised in areas where adequate ventilation is desired.

Quality service, Professionalism, and Experience are the hallmarks of Southern Highlands Carpentry. Our satisfied clients are our walking word of mouth evidence of our exemplary performance.

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