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Decks and Pergolas, Southern Highlands, NSW

Is your outdoor space as attractive as you wish? If you are looking for an affordable and innovative way to add more style to your outdoor space you should consider adding a deck or a pergola. Both additions will complement your home's backyard and provide functional benefits.

A pergola is an outdoor structure that can be freestanding or attached to the home or building, it is an open structure that has four support beams, no walls, and a decorative roof design such as lattice. It is usually made of cedar, mahogany wood, vinyl, PVC, and redwood. On the other hand, a deck is a platform built above the ground that may or may not be attached to the home, our company offers several options for decking materials including hardwood timber, composite, aluminum, and bamboo.

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Building Decks and Pergolas

Every outdoor space is unique which is why before making any transformation you need to think about your budget, ideas, and designs you desire. Building a deck is an exhausting job that includes many steps such as making the plans and getting the permits, digging holes for posts, pouring concrete, placing post anchors, installing boards as well as many other that have to be performed by a professional deck builder.

Many homeowners decide to build their own deck but this is an overwhelming process not to mention insecure as well because you won't probably take the necessary safety measurements. Consulting a professional will always be your best choice because you can discuss your design ideas and we can offer you some ideas that you haven't considered as well as help you choose the right materials for your type of home and lifestyle.

If you add the price of all the materials you have to buy as well as the hard work, building your own deck won't be much cheaper than paying a professional to do it.

One of the greatest additions to your deck would be a pergola, and the most simple one consists of four parts: posts, crossbeams, rafters, and lattice. As it happens with the deck, you can buy DIY pergola kits but the results will never be the same. Those kits are sometimes too expensive and you have to add the price of construction tools and materials if you don't have them, as well as the skills.

Southern Highlands Deck Builder constructing a new deck
Slats of timber placed as a foundation for a new pergola in the Southern Highlands

Deck Building

  • Adding a deck to your backyard increases the square footage of your home.
  • Increase your living space. Now you will new place to host parties, barbeques, plant herbs, container gardens, or simply enjoy the weather in the warmer months. You can always add additional features such as a grill, lighting, a built-in kitchen, or even an outdoor fireplace. Now you will be able to utilize better your backyard space.
  • Increase the curb appeal of your outdoor space. A deck will provide a new look of your backyard and now you have many choices of materials and construction ideas that it doesn't what is your style or your dream design, we can achieve it for you.
  • Boost the value of your home. Decks are usually an inexpensive option to add to your home than other home renovation options. Most homeowners will recoup at least 70% of the cost to build a deck after selling their home. Home buyers love decks, especially when they are professionally designed.


  • They help to define your outdoor living space.
  • Upgrade your garden. A pergola can dress up your backyard garden area. Use them as a trellis for hanging plants and climbing vines and flowers and they would love stunning.
  • When a pergola is professionally designed it can boost the value of your home.
  • Pergolas provide some shade so you can enjoy the outdoor view without having direct sunlight. If you want to add more shade you can add an all-weather fabric shade cover or canopy to the top of the pergola.

Decks, Southern Highlands

Our company has been in the market for many years and is an expert in creating all kinds of decks and pergolas. We take into consideration all of your requirements and wish to maximize your outdoor space and give you full satisfaction. You will love your outdoor space.